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Recreation and Sports March 31, 2015 at 10:34 am

Setting up a telescope in DC?

This is likely a long shot, but is there anywhere in or very near to DC that is A) away from street lights, B) with open views of the sky, and C) open to the public at night?

I’d love to have somewhere to go set up my telescope, but my front yard is surrounded by bright streetlights and doesn’t have much of a view of the southern sky.

I’m fully aware that I live in a light-polluted city and not many stars are visible, but the major planets and moon are, and that’s all that’s really fun to look at through a small telescope anyway.

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The National Mall is relatively dark at night and meets your other criteria. Maybe in the large field around the Washington Monument (especially just to the west of it, towards the Reflecting Pool) or somewhere along the Tidal Basin?

I’m sure there are some parks in upper NW somewhere that are darker but I’m not sure if they’re open at night…good luck!

Well now I feel kind of silly for not considering the National Mall! Thanks, that may work!

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