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Home and Garden December 29, 2011 at 3:54 pm

Servicing gas boiler for radiator heat


Can anyone recommend a company to come inspect my Peerless gas boiler (water) that heats my radiators throughout the house? The unit was installed in the 1960s, and I need to have it inspected. 

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My boiler died recently (well, it could have been revived, but if one part or two was dead couldn’t be known until the first part was replaced and the whole thing was in bad shape and near the end of it’s life expectancy.) Anyway, these guys came quickly, were there before the appointment time, explained how boilers work and what was wrong, gave me all the options and prices, and let me decide what to do without being pushy. I ended up going with the replacement option and they put in the new boiler yesterday. They put drop cloths down everywhere they would be walking or working, were really efficient, clearly knew what they were doing, and were nice guys to have in the house all day. They even cut down the width on their new dolly so it would fit down my narrow basement stairs. The new radiator is a peerless and is putting out beautiful heat which I am very appreciative of now that it is cold out. I highly recommend this father and son team.


What kind of boiler did they install and how much did it all cost? I am needing a new boiler as well and the estimates have been a bit more than I was expecting.

It was a Peerless M1-04-SV-WPC. It has electric ignition rather than a pilot burning continuously. The did lots of new piping, put in a new expansion tank, did some new wiring, installed a new thermostat since my old one was ancient, etc. Got a 1 year warrenty on parts and labor. They spend the whole day working non-stop and made sure everything was installed in the best possible way for allowing future access to anything that might need to be worked on and to the water heater (which is also housed in the same tight space). The total cost was $4600. 

I looked at high effeciency too, but the gasses they exhaust are more acidic and my flue would have needed to be upgraded to deal with them. That wasn’t in my budget, especially given the quirks of my old house.

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