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Senior dog daycare?

I have a senior dog with Canine Cognitive Dysfunction – he barks and paces when he’s nervous or confused.  Normally all it takes is a person telling him to lie down to calm his nerves… He is much more relaxed when there is someone in the room with him.   Obviously, I can’t do this when I’m at work and though I have amazing neighbors – this behavior is starting to wear on them.
I’d send him to Dog-ma or some other doggie day care but he really has no interest in other dogs or toys (even when he was younger) – all he wants is company with him while he sleeps. A mid-day dog walker wouldn’t solve the problem.  
Anyone know of a place that does senior doggie daycare? Ideally I’d want him in a living room type environment  – maybe someone’s home,  just hanging out while I’m at work.  Convenient to the Capitol Hill/H Street area would be wonderful….

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Sorry to hear about your dog – I had a dog with similar issues (turned out to be a brain tumor). When I left he would howl and pace from the front door to the steps to the back door to the front door. It was really sad. Valium helped a little but the only real solution was to have my retired parents take care of him.
Someone who works from home or is retired might be a good option. Sounds like he doesn’t need much more than company during the day.

Not really that I know of, although maybe you could post an ad with some of the dog walking groups or on Craigslist? There are always some students/unemployed peeps looking for something extra. I’d say he could hang out with my old dog and me (I’m home all day) but I’m not near H Street

I’ve been using Saving Grace about 6 years, and I am a Hill resident.  They do in-house dog boarding and doggy day care in the walkers’ homes.  I have an older golden retriever who is also easily stressed, so I can understand what your dilemma.  Here’s the website:  Hope this helps!

K-9 Divine near Logan Circle does dog boarding in the owner’s home on 11th Street.  I have a senior dog and I no longer feel comfortable leaving her at a big doggie day care facility, and I’ve left her with Rachel a few times while I was out of town.  I feel comfortable knowing that there’s someone there with her during the day and at night, and there’s not too many dogs that she wouldn’t notice if something was wrong with my dog.  I’m not sure if she’ll do strictly day care in her home, but she also runs a doggie day care at a farm and provides transportation for the dogs coming from dc.  Check out her website at  

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