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Music December 4, 2012 at 7:57 pm

selling CD’s

Not too long ago, I read some posts on Pop about selling CD’s. I wrote down the info, but of course can’t find that little scrap of paper now that I need it. What are some good places for selling used CD’s in DC?

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if you have just a few indie / rock CDs, try smash (mentioned above) or red onion at 18th and T st nw
otherwise you’re going to have to venture into the burbs.  there’s the cd cellar between courthouse and clarendon stops:  they’ll probably take more than smash and red onion.
but if you really want to unload a bunch of stuff and it doesn’t happen to be CDs that 18-35 year olds would buy, try cdepot in college park; they’re usually much more willing.

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