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Computers and Internet April 15, 2013 at 8:50 am

seeking studio/work/storage space.

I am an architect/builder who works from home in Logan. I am seeking a small studio  space in Logan/Shaw or nearby to occasionally use for client meetings and to store some work material.

I would not be spending nights, and would only use the space for a few hours at a time and probably only a couple days per week.

A direct entrance to the sidewalk (for instance a bsmt area) would be ideal, but not essential. The space does not need to be fancy, and in fact something needing a little TLC is actually desirable. Even a garage space would possibly work.

I am hoping to find a space that someone is not currently utilizing or willing to share. I’m on a tight budget, and ideally would be interested in a quid-pro-quo arrangement, tho I am willing to pay for the ideal space.

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