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Real Estate December 30, 2014 at 9:32 am

Seeking Landlord Insurance

Does anyone have an insurance agent who can provide landlord insurance on a rental condo? All companies I have talked to require me to change the insurance of my primary residence, which is not an option right now. I am looking for an insurance provider that will offer a landlord policy as a standalone policy, not linked to my primary residence. Any suggestions?? Thanks!

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Hey – I’m not sure if you’ve already found the answer to this question, but we have condo insurance from Zahida Parveen, who is an Allstate agent I believe located on U St NW. She has always been very responsive and helpful to me, and was easy to work with. I received a policy for the condo because it was going to be a rental (after my current insurance provider kicked us off once they found out that it wasn’t a primary residence anymore. Her email is [email protected]. Good luck!


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