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Life and Society August 26, 2012 at 3:40 pm

Seeking Financial Planner

We are exploring the idea of consulting a financial planner with experience working with gay married couples.  Recommendations and solicitations welcome.  Prefer within DC.
Many thanks

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I know he isnt in the city…but I recommend .  We’ve been with him for nearly a decade and think he does a fantastic job and he is incredibly flexible about scheduling meetings (including coming into the city to meet you if need be).  I don’t know that he has (or doesnt have) particular experience with gay couples…but I would tend to believe the money doesnt differentiate based on your partnership? hehe.  But at least give Josh a call and find out.


I confirmed (out of curiosity) that he does have the experience you seek…give him a call!


My husband is a financial advisor.  His approach is holistic – that is a mix of investments, insuance, budgeting, etc.  He works with a variety of clients, including gay couples (or not coupled!).  He also works closely with attorneys and accountants.  One of the attorney’s is gay and does a lot of work establishing trusts, wills, etc for the gay community.  Obviously I am biased, but he’s great – super smart and not sales driven like a lot of planners.  For his contact information, please email me at susan dot klein at gmail dot com

I use Community Ladders ( and was recommended to them by a gay married couple. They are a membership based financial planning service (but very reasonable at $40/month), and are also a social enterprise/non-profit, which I find to be a great perk….never feels like they’re trying to sell you something. They’re more about planning and holistic financial advice than asset management though, so sort of depends on what you’re looking for. I work with Bill, the founder, and think he’s great. 


See Denise Bump and Associates with Ameriprise. She has the experience you are seeking and the clientele. She is near 18th and L. Have been with her for years. Love her and most importantly, trust her. She has a website you can visit.

Thank you all so much for these great leads.  It is very helpful and we appreciate the time you’ve taken to respond.

I suggest you look into those financial planners who are associated with NAPFA – the national associate of fee-only financial planners –

There are also a few NAFPA registered planners who are identified with specializing in gay couples/gay individuals.

How much do independent financial planners charge per session? I am also interested in seeing one.

In DC area alone, you can find a lot of financial advisors by browsing the internet. But I would like to emphasize that a good one can help you with your financial dilemma regardless of age, sexuality, or race. So, working with a gay couple shouldn’t be a matter of concern.

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