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Public Safety February 6, 2012 at 3:02 pm

Security Cameras for Condo


Not sure if anyone here knows or has experince with buying security cameras, but hope you do. I am looking to buy a stand alone security camera (outdoor) and recorder. Also, if it could be viewed on the web, that would be great.
My wife and I live near Cardozo and had a troubling experience late last night. We have a ground-floor unit and a man (who we do not know), just started ringing our patio doorbell. He did not respond when talked to and came back a couple times before leaving. He did not appear drunk or confused, but gave me a very uneasy feeling. While we reported this incident to the police, it would have been useful to show them video footage. If you or the readers have any recommendations for a kit I could buy and install myself, the help would be much appreciated.
Also, the police did not file a report because he did not ‘threaten’ us.  Another officer showed up today and took a more detailed report and gave me his info.  
Thanks in advance,

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Costco has some good ones available online. We bought the wireless one for 249 and it works great.


I haven’t actually bought it yet, but I’ve been considering the Lorex LW2702.  You can get it from Amazon for $250.  It comes with 2 wireless, motion-activated, day/night, indoor/outdoor cameras and a monitor. The cameras have a speaker and microphone and can be used as a 2 way intercom.  It uses SD cards, so additional storage is cheap.
I’d like to put one each at my front and back doors, but I’m not sure how I’ll power them.  The cameras need AC, but just running the cable down to the outdoor plug doesn’t seem like a great idea.  I assume the end of my video would be some dude unplugging it.

not sure if the last went through.. but check out   or google cctv stuff..


Thanks for the feedback.  The Lorex one looks pretty good. The fact that the cameras must be plugged in might be an issue. Would love ones that were battery powered.  Might go with this one if I can’t see anything else.  Thanks again.
Justindc, that link didn’t work, but thanks for reminding me to search for cctv.  That made it a bit easier.


I am really disturbed by the police response. Have you spoken directly to your PSA officer? I think you should.

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