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Neighborhood News July 15, 2013 at 11:50 am

Sanitation Issues at Lucky Corner Store (5433 Georgia Avenue NW)

PoP Readers and Residents of the Petworth and Brightwood Neighborhoods,

I wanted to get your feedback on the sanitation and loitering issues behind the Lucky Corner Store that have become an eyesore and public health problem. As anyone who has driven by the corner of Illinois Ave. NW and Kennedy knows, the lot behind the Lucky Corner Store has become a dumping ground for the homeless, as well as the business that lease the property. It reeks of urine. The two dumpsters on the lot consistenly overflow with rotting trash and are left uncovered (a hazared in and of itself). The surrounding area is covered with litter and household debris. And the grass, what little there is, is uncut.

I have contacted DC 311 about this issue, and hopefully they will be able to address it in the short-term. However, I have no doubt that the problem will return in no time. Are there other agencies that have jurisdiction over this issue that I should consider contacting? For example, the DC Alcholic Beverage Regulation Administration. Do they have jurisdiction over these types of issues since the Lucky Corner Store is a liquor store?

What strategies have others employed to permanently clean up similar situations in their neighborhoods? Any guidance would be helpful.

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If you haven’t already, contact your ANC Single Member District (SMD) rep and your councilmember. Your ANC rep in particular will likely know the ins and outs of the issue, what measures can be taken, etc.

There’s a small group of junkies/drunks that hang out back there all day. I assumed the smell and litter was from them. The stench of that area cannot be overstated, it is AWFUL in the summer heat. Good luck with it. You could also try reaching out to the owner of the property as well.

As a follow up:

I don’t know if you called anyone on Monday, but on my way home Monday evening around 6pm or so, there were a leigitimate 5-6 cop cars at the alley, and it looked like they were giving the usual loiterers the business. It still looks filthy, but I didn’t see anyone hanging out there yesterday. So, good job maybe?

I live a block or so from here and walking down to Petworth gets increasingly distasteful because these loiterers always return, and the businesses don’t give a RA about the state of their back door. The cops come every few days, but it’s a temp fix. I second contacting the ANC rep, though she’s regularly uncaring about her district. We’ll call 311 too.

For those interested in this issue, I have emailed Brandon Todd in Muriel Bowser’s office about this issue. I’m sure the more he hears from concerned residents the more likely it is the office will get involved.

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