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General Discussion April 29, 2015 at 7:28 pm

Sales tax in DC at Sephora?

So, two family members from out of town were shopping in Georgetown today, and they asked me why the sales tax was different at Sephora (6.00%) vs the other stores they went to (Blue Mercury and Zara’s (5.75%). I checked both their receipts and said I had no idea. When I called Sephora, largely because I was curious, they said that sales tax in DC was 6% … which it is not. Can stores tack on additional taxes to the standard 5.75%? Any idea what happened here?

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Here’s a photo of one of the receipts. Both have 6% on them…

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Yeah, I too think that it is 5.75 % in D.C, don’t know the reason they’re charging extra.


It’s indeed 5.75%, District-wide. It’s 6% in Maryland and Northern Virginia (and the Hampton Roads metro area, but not the rest of Virginia, FYI). So maybe they’re confused.

Pretty messed up, though. Is the District government just collecting the extra sales tax? Refunding it? You should report this to DCRA.

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