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Events May 12, 2016 at 8:13 am

Sailing, Rooftops, and Fun: Join Vittoria Energy Expedition May21st

Are you in DC? How do you feel about supporting an exciting, creative new approach to energy research and education? If the answers to these are “YES” and “I LOVE IT!” then you are in luck!

On May 21st, Vittoria Energy Expedition will be hosting an awesome launch party for our friends, old and new, at the incredible City Market at O Street rooftop from 7-9pm.

For only $20, you get:

Open Bar
Cuban cocktails
Awesome private rooftop w/ one of DC’s best views
Chances to win great prizes, including sailing excursions and other adventures
Saweet party jams
And so much more
Scoot on over to our Eventbrite page to learn more & buy your ticket TODAY!

Vittoria Energy Expedition (VEE) is the brainchild of several Washington, DC-based policy wonks, world travelers, and entrepreneurs focused on sharing our excitement and enthusiasm about recent advances in renewable energy through an AWESOME global research mission. We’re taking to the sea aboard our renewable-powered sailboat, Vittoria, to:

#1 – Test first-hand the capacity of off-the-shelf solar/wind/battery systems to meet our crew’s energy needs out in the open water without fuels stops or recharge stations. Powering navigation equipment, lights, laptops, satellite internet, radios, LCD monitors, and, of course, a stereo pumpin’ alllll the hits (as well as other necessary electronics), our independent, off-grid energy system must make 100% of the electricity we use, without help from shore-power recharging or diesel generators. It’s all from sun and wind, with batteries on board to store excess production for night.

#2 – Seek out and explore renewable power installations in coastal and island communities (we don’t mind a good three-day hike inland either) that are providing affordable, reliable, sustainable energy to homes, businesses, schools, hospitals, etc. Around the world, communities are making a practical choice to use renewable technologies. It’s not a morality or ideology issue. It’s an economic one. These advanced technologies are proving cost-competitive winners against traditional electric generation, with the additional bonus of offering local control (instead of importing resources from other countries), and reliable supply (especially when you’re comparing to off-grid diesel generators). We want to hear how it’s going.

Capturing our experiences and those of the communities we visit, we will learn more about the benefits and challenges of renewable power, sharing these stories with you. Through our adventures, we will engage unfamiliar cultures, learn about local energy challenges, and discover what localized, independent energy systems can do for a ____(person/business/town/nation/world)____.

So be sure to follow us on Twitter! Instagram! Facebook! Tumblr! And circle back to this here website! Much more to come.

Explore. Discover. Educate. Empower.


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