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Recreation and Sports March 31, 2016 at 11:05 am

Running coaches?

I’m signed up for my second marathon (happy MCM lottery day!) and while I’m confident in my ability to set and follow a basic training schedule and to hopefully finish another race, I know I don’t have great running form and would love to meet with a coach a few times to get some pointers and drills/exercises I can use to improve. I’m telling myself that’s the reason I got slower, even for shorter races, when I started running longer distances.

Anybody have any suggestions or good experiences with coaching, ideally near NWDC or Capitol Hill?

I’ve done some research but a) so many options! halp and b) I feel like a lot of coaches are interested in getting you through an entire race, nutrition, cross training coaching etc., e.g. large fees that cover of those aspects of training but limited 1-on-1 focus on how I physically run. Have also been to PT but found that it was more injury/recovery focus than form correction. I know coaching can be expensive so would love any PoPville recommendations or suggestions on what to look for, especially for any coaches that won’t balk at runner’s asthma and walk-run wheezers who have no misgivings about their BQ potential.


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