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Recreation and Sports December 4, 2011 at 11:37 am

Runners in bike lanes?


How do people feel about runners in the new bike lanes on 15th st?  I’ve been using them to run, staying on the right side and moving out of the way of bikers.  They are much safer than the sidewalk which has low hanging trees, pedestrians, tree stumps, broken sidewalk, etc.   Plus I figured if we can do it on weekends on other “bike paths” like Capital Crescent and Mt. Vernon then we should be able to handle a wide two direction bike lane on 15th st.  The other day I was yelled at by a biker saying “this is a bike lane.”  This was upsetting to me since I was barely in the lane and there was plenty of room for the biker to get around me.  Whatever happened to “share the road.”  Sometimes I feel like bikers got their way and now its just screw everyone else.  I’m not saying this is all bikers, but theres a good group of them that doesn’t follow traffic laws (making it dangerous for cars and pedestrians) or that ride on the sidewalk.  So what do we think?  Do I get out of the bike lane or can bikers “share the road” with us runners? 

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I am a runner and biker. I think that the lanes are for pedestrians, meaning bikers and runners but as with any situation, people using them should follow good codes of conduct – don’t run or bike side by side taking up the whole lane, communicate about coming up on people’s left side, and be courteous to each others. Many people give up the cars because of the way people act behind the wheels. The last thing we want to do is mimic their bad behavior. Yes, runners and bikers can both use the sidewalk, and yes they ae called bike lanes, but the lanes are not for racing or for bike training, but for commuting and a bike obeying speed laws should be able to co-exist with polite runners who don’t run in a pack and take over the lane.

They’re not called ‘bike lanes’ ironically.  Runners should stay out of the bike lanes. Sidewalks & crosswalks are for pedestrian – pedestrians/runners anywhere else are jaywalking.  I’m a runner and a biker – not sure why this is so hard for folks to understand.

Runners should be allowed to use the “bike lanes.” I think you were doing a courteous thing by running in the bike lane, to avoid running over and around children, strollers, the elderly and other people lesiurely using the sidewalk. Continue to use the lane, don’t let the barkings of some pompous spandex wearing Live Strong wannabe deter you – I find it ironic that bicyclist’s want to “Share the Road” but that doesn’t extend to the “Bike lane” which is sub-contained within “the road.”

Albany – please.  Don’t be obtuse.  Bicyclists demand to ‘share the road’ with cars because bicycles have a right to utilize the road in regular traffic lanes as per the law.
Pedestrians, including runners, have no such rights to occupy the road under the law, bike lanes or not.

the lanes are for bikes, not people… it’s stupid to think it’s okay to run in the bike lane to avoid walkers, when you’re just creating the same issue but more dangerously by putting slower moving things in the bike lane

the lanes are for bikes, not people… it’s stupid to think it’s okay to run in the bike lane to avoid walkers, when you’re just creating the same issue but more dangerously by putting slower moving things in the bike lane

I’m a fairly avid runner and I don’t think people should be running in the bike lanes – they are after all part of the street and the street is not where people should be running. There are tons of sidewalks and trails all over the city that are not too crowded or dangerous to run on, so I don’t think this should be an issue.
(I don’t actually know what the laws are on this one, I’m going on “common” sense.)

Please, please do not run in the bike lanes. Without trying, bicyles can easily reach 15 mph going downhill on 15th Street and it is very hard to stop or swerve around runners in the bike lane. In fact, it is illegal to run in the bike lane per DC Code 18-2305.2, “[w]here sidewalks are provided, it shall be unlawful for any pedestrian to walk along and upon an adjacent roadway.” Yes, it is unfair for bikes to be able to use both sidewalks and bike lanes, but not only is it the law, bike lanes take some cyclists off the the sidewalks which creates a safer environment for both pedestrians and cyclists. I run often on 14th with my dog and have plenty of room and it is fairly well lit. Please consider running on 14th or 16th streets rather than using any bike lanes.

I’m neither a bicyclist nor a runner.  I think bike lanes should be for bikes (as their name indicates!); it never occurred to me that anyone would think otherwise.

$100 says Lisa is still going to be running in the bike lanes.

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