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Announcements May 2, 2014 at 11:13 am

Runaway Chihuahua in Adams Morgan

Last night, along with a group of fellow good Samaritans, chased a loose dog around Adams Morgan but were unable to catch it. We didn’t see the owner around and the small brown dog with pointed ears (looks exactly like a chihuahua only a little bigger) was very frightened and was running away from the people trying to help, almost getting hit by cars along 16th st, Columbia Rd. and then we lost him in the dark at the corner of Adams Mill Rd. and Harvard St. Right behind the Zoo. He was very very fast as he outran myself, my wife, 2 girls, 3 cops on bikes and a guy on a segway. This was all about 9:30pm last night. We called animal control and I hope they ended up coming and assisting. Anyways, if people have any information or see this dog, try and get him so we can find his home. He was extremely lucky to not have been hit by a car last night, so let’s hope we can bring him in safely.


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