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Life and Society March 8, 2012 at 5:05 pm

Rudolph Revitaliation- Your Voice Counts

My name is Lia, I live near Fort Totten, across from Rudolph Elementary School, an unused school that has had many meetings conducted about what it’s ultimate re-use would be in the community since it’s closing in 2008.
As an alumni, I, like others, have proposed it to become a multi-use facility…similar concept to that of the Arc in Southeast, which contains theater programs as well as a farmer’s market.
Having already created my own for-profit business plan for a multi-use, sustainable event-planning facility, I have many ideas for what partnerships and NGOs would be a great asset/addition to the local community within a potential Rudolph Elementary School [RES] multi-use facility.

I would like to start a nonprofit dedicated to seeing the RES building permanently transformed into a multi-use facility. The decision-making process is still going on.
From what I’ve heard, part of RES will be used for a school soon, but that is only temporarily until that school finds another place.
I’m new at this sort of thing, so whether I’m starting this early or late, I don’t know…but I’m attempting to start this nonprofit both for the betterment of RES, local re-use activities, and most importantly the betterment of the Fort Totten/Petworth social community.
To begin, I need to establish a Board of Directors, and have set goals determined.

 Fundraising would be necessary to make the changes I’ve listed below. These changes mainly have to do with projected programs for the facility that would ultimately be organized and supervised by an event manager/executive director of the successful. Things marked with an asterisk are desirable but costly, and requires the most action:

-Revitalize back garden into veggie garden
-Add 3+ new gardens to 2nd St, Hamilton, and Ingraham fenced-in yard space  in partnership with Neighborhood Farm Initiative
-Turn food preparation/cafeteria space into Yummy Health Food Bar/Farmer’s Market
*Add greenhouse to second floor over the southern-most first-story sector.
*Other renovations as necessary, for example: bathrooms, health ward, indoor gym/recreation areas
– Re-establish community fitness classes in auditorium Wednesday Nights
– Partner with Global Languages Network LLC to hold low-cost language classes
– Have Sustainability Summer Programs in partnership with Scrap DC, FabLab LLC, NFI, and others
   –Inclusive of Sustainable engineering and organic farming projects

I had other ideas involving a broadcast news club for young people in the former library/media space, a theater club (similar to the Arc), other lifelong learning/career development classes in partnership with local NGOs as well as a computer/media room; on that note the entire place should also have wifi of course.
Other ideas presented by locals included providing low-cost health care. I support that as it relates to a multi-use facility that encompasses different organizations and events. This could perhaps include regular screenings/one-day events, as well as a re-designed health ward for semi-regular check-ups. Mostly, I belief in making the most of preventative health tactics such as promoting nutrition and fitness programs.

What you think of my ideas?
How do you feel as a community member?
Any feedback in general would be very much appreciated. Especially from professionals with experience in creating/executing and action plan.
P.S.: I’ve lived in DC 20 years, born and raised in the same place.

Scribe amici!

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I think this is a brilliant idea! DC could always use more shared spaces. While logistically I don’t have the experience in non-profit development, might be a great place for you to start fundraising once you have a proposal together 🙂 Good luck and keep PoPville up to date on your progress.

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