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Sports and Fitness May 3, 2013 at 3:48 pm

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Hey there, I’d really love to run on the Roosevelt track, but I can’t figure out when it’s allowed for community members to use it.  The signs basically say to use it early in the AM or afternoon after school lets out, but it’s often locked.  I called the school and they told me any time form the early morning to around 3 is okay.  I also will see periodically folks walking or running on the track that clearly aren’t high school students, but I have no idea what entrance they’re using.  Any advice?

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Not sure of the exact hours it’s supposedly available for public use, but I assume it basically before and after school hours (by that I also mean after-school athletics) and weekends (except for school sporting events.) Most times I’ve gone (on weekends) one of the gates was open.
But I’ve had different experiences with the gates. There’s one revolving gate on the north side of the field in the parking lot that is often open and there’s a large gate in the fence on the south side of the field (on Upshur across from Annie’s) that is sometimes open. I’ve been there when neither one is open and folks just climbed the fence.

Which fence do they climb?  Someone told me that for 15 years people have just been jumping the fence with no problem.  I’m happy to climb over but I couldn’t find a safe looking spot.  

Both gates were locked at 7 am this morning, but there was an older guy running.  I almost stopped him from the other side of the fence to ask how to get in.  

The folks that I saw climbed over the fence right by the revolving gate in the parking lot.

In several years of trying, I have not been able to figure out a clear relationship between posted hours and when the DCPS high school tracks are actually open.
Not what you asked, I have found that the track at Banneker High School, across Georgia Avenue from Howard University, is almost always open.  The only times I have not been able to use it have been when there was another actual event on the track.  It is kind of an odd shape (4 half-turns and 4 short straightaways rather than the usual 2 full turns and 2 long straightaways – it was built around a baseball field), but I have confirmed that it is a standard 400 meters around.

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