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Home and Garden September 13, 2014 at 12:25 pm

Rooftop sunroom?

We have a townhouse in Logan with an awesome rooftop deck, approximate 15 feet square. Husband just came up with a great idea to look into turning the deck into a sunroom/solarium. The deck is all concrete and very structurally sound – with concrete 4 foot high walls. It was built when the developer flipped the house 15 years ago, and everything was done up to code. We want glass walls (above the existing concrete half-walls) and a glass roof. We would probably only use 2/3 of the deck so we could keep some of the outdoor deck, and have bi-fold doors between the two. We know it will be expensive, but we’d love to add a useful room to our otherwise small condo. Has anyone ever looked into this?


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