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Entertainment August 29, 2012 at 7:36 pm

Romney for America ads on PoP

i guess i shouldn’t be surprised that a real estate-centric site that features overpriced rentals and flipped houses that only the 1% can afford would have romney ads. 
honestly, do they even need to run political ads in dc? i feel like the vast majority of people who live here made up their minds about the election eons ago. ad revenue is ad revenue i guess.
i’ve given up on teasing myself with expensive sh*t anyway, even if it is merely for reference purposes. smell ya later PoPville.

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We can only hope that Romney is spending gazillions on advertising in DC.  Because he’ll never win here, and it keeps him from spending the money in a state where he does stand a chance of conning the 99% into voting for the interests of the 1%.

PoP has addressed this numerous times. He’s discontinued political ads on the website but a few still trickle through.

All national political ads are blocked on PoP but somehow the Romney ads keep sneaking through. Unfortunately not much my ad folks have been able to do. They should come to a natural end come November!  Seriously, I apologize to those who are/have been offended.  And we will continue to work on blocking them from our ad networks.

I click on the Romney Ads. Again, following the premise that if he is spending money in DC (advertising) that is slightly less that he gets to spend in Virginia, Ohio, New Hampshire, North Carolina etc. I personally think the Romney ads should be a picture of him heading to the bathroom, because if his billionaires are somhow able to buy him this election, the first thing he is going to do is take a huge #2 all over DC.
Also, I get to give a few pennies to POP in the process by giving him clickthroughs. Happy to do my part.

It really doesn’t matter – our DC votes don’t really count anyway

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