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Robbery on 6th and R ST/ SHAW HOWARD

My house was robbed yesterday afternoon between the hours of 12pm- 2pm. My roommate was asleep and the burgler came through the backdoor as he jumped the fence. The bar door was not secure so he wedged his way into the back door using a large wrench. 
He ransacked my room and that of my roommates and stole my computer and saxophone- among other things. The cool part of the story is that my roommate was asleep during the ordeal and was not harmed.
I would advise everyone lock their bar doors, both front AND back, at all times.
We were able to recover everything that was stolen thanks to the police searching through a camera that happened to have a photo of our house in it. The burgler was caught just a few blocks down towards New Jersey Avenue.

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Hey david please message me directly. We have a house in the 1600 block of 6th st and we have the north end of the alley under video survelillance. I saw the crime report come through but it was unclear as to the exact address, regardless we are pulling the footage around that time. If I could get the case # so I when I contact 3rd district detectives with the video clips it can get to the correct person.

what’s your email?

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