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Real Estate April 11, 2012 at 10:47 pm

Rhode Island Row Thoughts?

I am thinking about signing a lease at Rhode Island Row tomorrow but before doing so I wanted to see if there were any current tenants or nearby neighbors that could offer any constructive opinions first. What are your thoughts about this development? How about the neighborhood? According to DC’s crime mapping application there is more than half the amount of crime in that area than there is near my place in Petworth. What do you think about the crime?
The truth of the matter is this: I will not find a place this nice and this metro accessible for the price, it’s just not going to happen. That is why I am considerring living here. 

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I toured this place and think it’s a great deal. I’ve toured tons of places in NOMA and you get a better unit for 30% less at Rhode Island Row and don’t have a $750 amenity fee annually. As far as safety, it seems like it’s pretty well lit from Metro to the building entrance. If you can wait, I’d recommend checking it out after 8 pm at night and on a Saturday or Friday night to see if you feel comfortable. good luck!

I walk by that place every day on my way to work; I’ve never heard of any of my co-workers having any problem in this area and I’ve been working here in a long time. Metro, Home Depot, a nice Giant, Radio Shack, are some of the stores very close to it, and more coming (CVS and I think Starbucks).

I was really interested in this place, too, for the exact reasons you listed. The reason I’m no longer interested is because of their restrictive pet policy (nonrefundable deposit + $50/month/pet rent)…I have a pretty vocal opposition to pet rent. So if you’re pet-free, go for it!

The area is not that bad and it’s improving. I go to the Home Depot and Giant all the time and have never had a problem. I’ve been living in the immediate area for 6 years.

I live in the neighborhood. As long as you do not plan to take long walks on Rhode Island Avenue after dark, you should be perfectly safe. Also, do not bike/walk on the Metropolitan Branch Trail alone. Other than those two tips, just use your basic street smarts. We have lots of great new things coming north of that strip, so the area is only getting better. I would love to be that close to the Metro. And it’s so new that it’s a bed bug free zone. Bonus. Oh, and I should probably mention that you will have difficulties hailing a cab in that area. Cabs will take you there, but you will have a hard time getting a cab from that area. Shouldn’t be a problem with the Metro that close though. Good luck.

I am currently in Park Place at the moment and have found RIW a good potential alternative. The renewal lease terms have rent going up significantly in Petworth and have prompted me to look for alternatives. When I spoke with the leasing agent there, she mentioned how there have been numerous people moving into RIW from Park Place. It could’ve been a marketing line but it seems plausible because RIW provides many, if not more, benefits than Park Place. However, my only concern is being farther away from areas like Columbia Heights and U Street that have lots of restaurants, shops and bars. The pro is definitely the apt and the metro but the con is being further away from more developed areas. I plan to take a tour tommorrow. Hoping it is a good match! 

I live past the RIW and my partner and I never had issues at all, nothing different from Columbia Heights cluster. It is improving, with Mint Condo on the corner and also another rental building is scheduled for on 4th and RI Ave. I believe Brookland Square will also be apartments as well (next to the fire station). 

3 of my friends live there, I actually managed to go there this past weekend. The apartments itself are really nice but the surrounding area is very suspect. I’m DC born and raised, this area never really caught my attention. It’s hood. 
But if you’re into the stainless steel appliances, granite counters and the like, it’s pretty nice looking. Not gonna lie. You’re literally a stones throw from the metro.

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