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Reviews of ventless dryers?

Hi there!
I’m thinking about purchasing a ventless dryer and wanted to hear reviews from folks that already have this product.  I have a long/tricky ventilation run in my basement and figured that a ventless dryer might be a beter solution.  Specifically wondering what the drying experience is like, and if there are any major probelms like say, the heating coil going out or something similiar.
Many thanks!!

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You will need a really good dehumidifier in the summer, and be prepared to have your basement filled with hot wet air. If you can close it off in a small room and open a window you will do better. Also, you can vent any drier into the room by using one of those kits that attach a container of water to the end of a short vent.

I have the bosch stackable in my third floor condo. Love it but its pricey. I never noticed any additional humidity from it either. it does help to have it professionally cleaned once a year (I use the Vent Wizard) to make it work efficiently.

I will add thought that the inside of the dryer can feel a bit humid when you first open and so you think the clothes aren’t dry but just give it about a minute and then it airs out and the clothes do actually feel dry. I think the key thing is to get a very good washer that spins really fast and hard so the clothes already come out half dry before you even put them in the dryer.  Bought my stack at Bray and Scarf, I think it was about $1700  and I paid a contractor $1500 to get the whole thing set up in a closet -water hook up etc, did not need a bucket. The dryer basically vents back into itself.  MAybe thats a bosch specific feature.  . It was worth every penny.I don’t know how people can stand to not have a w/d in the unit.  

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