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Food and Dining September 22, 2012 at 4:16 pm

Restaurant/shop to take a pizza snob

A friend of mine will be in town and claims to be a “pizza snob”?!?!?  I need suggestions from others who might share his err….fetish.
-Definitely NOT deep dish…cutlery is forbidden
-Crust must not require folding but also be thin.  Edges should be puffy with bonus points for air poufs.
-Crust and sauce is more important than the cheese which should not be goopy and greasy
Extra bonus points if bottles of Bud are available
He’s from the East Coast if that helps.

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Forgot to add….must still be tasty eaten cold the next morning (:


2 amy’s.  Not sure about next morning.

Menomale in Brookland is the best pizza I have had in DC.  Authentic italian ingredients make it well worth your time.

The Liberty Tree has pretty amazing pizza.  

Pete’s  – Moroni – Graffiato


H & Pizza meets all of those qualifications regarding the pizza.  They do not have Budweiser, but they do have a few other beers that are all under $5.

sounds like a difficult house guest – you might want to take them to the bus station……

Pete’s or Vace should fit the bill.  (Personally, I consider Menomale the best, but it’s not what your friend wants.)  While he’s here, please work on him about his taste in beer.  That’s far more in need of snobbery than his pizza preferences.

As a pizza snob from NY, in my opinion you have two options.  The best pizza is at Valentino’s which is out in Shirlington.  If you have a car it is worth the ride out there.  If you want to stay in town then Pete’s is the way to go for sure.

as also someone else from the east coast who knows that type of pizza your friend is looking for (hopefully), i would go to pete’s.

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