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Announcements February 8, 2014 at 11:38 pm

Restaurant Noise

We moved into a condo building with a nice Italian restaurant on the 1st floor. We knew there might be some noise from the street and otherwise associated with the restaurant when we moved into the city and into the building. It’s been a few months since the restaurant opened and now, after 10 pm they bring in a DJ and pump up the music – it’s loud, especially the base, and we get the “thump thump” in our unit. We were not aware that they were going to be operating a nighclub in the restaurant. We wouldn’t have bought in the building if we had known. So now we are wondering about our options. We’ve tried to be reasonable and communicate with the restaurant and sometimes they turn down the volume and other times they don’t (and we only say something if it goes on later than 11 am and we don’t ask them to turn it off – just to turn down the bass.) Can a restaurant in DC turn into a nighclub after hours? Are there licensing restrictions? Are there noise ordinances? Anyone deal with a similar experience? Any help/advice would be appreciated.


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