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Food and Dining December 13, 2011 at 9:47 am

Restaurant / Lunch Spots Recommendations

Looking for recommendations on great low-cost lunch spots in the Golden Triangle. I’ve tried out a few places but it’s always good to know more. My office is planning a lunch today for our intern, so a sit-down but not fancy place would be ideal.

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Hmm, don’t do sit-down lunches too often in this area, except for Heritage India’s lunch buffet. My lunch go-to’s for cheap carry out are usually the Greek Deli on 19th between L & M (no seating), Friends Kabob ($5 falafel sandwich) on 20th between L & M, the Asian Bistro on L between 20th & 19th ($5 bahn mi). For lighter fare (salads, tarts, soups), there is Lite Stars, on L between 21st & 22nd.

Hudson might be a good choice. Or perhaps Founding Farmers or Firefly (even though they are both on the edge of the area in which you are looking). If you want more casual than that, maybe Rumors or the Black Rooster? For good (for DC) Chinese, Meiwah is also a good option even though it, too, is on the edge/just outside of the area in which you are looking.

Tandoori Time on 19th between L and M, same block as the awesome Greek Deli, has great food and a very cheap buffet (~$8+tax and tip).

Thanks all! We tried out Moby Dick’s House of Kabob at Connecticut and N. The food was good and we each paid about $9 including tip. I would definitely add a third recommendation for the Greek Deli. The food is delicious and the line is always long. Nooshi DC next door is amazing too but not as cheap and Suki Asia (between 17th and 18th on M) is a favorite of the staff.

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