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Public Safety May 2, 2012 at 7:08 pm

Requesting crime/street camera?

Hi everyone, 
Has anyone tried to request a crime cam installation? We live next door to a busy crack house, and activity is really ramping up as the weather warms, to the point that I don’t even like going home some nights because it means walking past a group of six or eight sometimes hostile, sometimes leering men. The police know this place- they did a bust back in November – but while that calmed things down briefly, business is clearly pretty good. I know folks have mixed feelings about crime cams, and I don’t want to start a debate about whether they are useful or an invasion of privacy or whatever- just if we can actually put in some kind of request. I’ve read that DC’s camera program has not been particularly effective, but I think having a visible camera box installed at the intersection in question could go a long way toward at least moving these guys inside.
Thanks for any suggestions.

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I think at best it might just drive them to move across the street. We’ve had problems at the corner of 14th and Meridian for a long time. The only thing that has been effective is having a cop car stationed at the intersection. The drug dealer guys have no problem dealing right in front of the security camera from the Dunes art gallery. btw, no amount of calls to the police from residents on our block helped the matter. The police only responded in force when the business owners got involved.

We were told no funding this year.

As I feared. Thanks guys.

Blare muzak really loudly into the street, that will drive them away…

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