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Home and Garden December 12, 2011 at 2:38 pm

replacing origina gas fireplace in Wardman home


We still have the original gas fireplace unit in the living room of our Wardman home, but it doesn’t work. Has anyone ever replaced one with a modern gas fireplace? The recess seems shallow, and, of course, there’s no venting, so I’m not sure what the options are. Any words of advice from someone who has been there and donen that? Thanks.

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All I can tell you (and you probably know it) is that you should replace it with one that has a vent.

We replaced ours with a new model from Offenbachers (on Rockville Pike).  They handled the installation, there was nothing to it, and it works great.  I’m not sure what “no venting” means, though, so I’d describe the set-up to them before purchasing anything.

If you get very very sleepy and end up in the hospital, you’ll find out what a ‘no venting’ fireplace means.

To answer re: cost, we did this about 6 years ago.  It was probably around $1,000 to get new “logs,” a plumber to ensure proper venting, glass/metal fireplace doors (to keep cats and kits from catching on fire) and installation.

Go ventless! you will keep all the heat in your house rather than losing it up the chimney. We had ventless gas logs installed last year. Our fireplace was empty, but we could see where the old gas line was, and the very small flue was just open. I bought a metal cap – made for a wood-burning stove – and capped the flue. the ventless log installation was fairly easy, but took a long time – permits to pull to install a new gas line. It was probably about $1500 to $2000.  We run the fire all the time, it heats our whole house and has lowered our gas bill. Ventless logs have a built-in CO2 sensor, but this is unlikely to be a problem anyway if you have the right size log set and the BTUs are below a certain number (I think 40,000). 


Out of curioisity, where are the fireplaces typically located in these homes?  Our home has the standard Petworth/Wardman layout… but I haven’t seen any signs of an old fireplace.

they are usually in the living room corner, diagonally oriented, near the entry to the dining room. the furnace flue is behind it, in the triangular space that’s formed. look in your basement and see when the furnace vent goes. a fireplace would be nearby on the floor above.

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