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Home and Garden March 6, 2014 at 10:50 am

Replacing Moulding for our Petworth Row House

I’m replacing some doors and windows within the next few weeks, and I’ve already started removing the moulding. Some came off easier than others, so I’ll need to find replacement pieces. I tried to find replacements that would match our existing moulding, but with no real luck. (HD, Lowes, moulding and lumber yards, Community forklift and other salvage places, etc.)

Smoot Lumber has the exact moulding I need, but it’s a special order. I’m planning to put in an order at Smoot for the attached moulding, and was wondering if anyone else within PoPville would want to go in with me. The cost will probably be $4-5 per linear foot, depending on quantity.
If so, please email me at districtwoodshop at gmail. c o m. I plan on putting the order in early next week.

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Have you looked at Gallagher and Hughley? They often have, in stock, moldings for these houses.

Hi Saf,
Thank you and yes, I go to G&H often, and they used to have something similar to what I needed, but they no longer carry that. I think G&H actually carries Smoot’s mouldings.


That’s too bad. They had my molding when nobody else did.

I had to go to Smoot for doors though.

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