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Replacement windows in historic district

Does anyone have a recommendation of a contractor who has replaced windows in a historic neighborhood and doesn’t charge an arm and a leg?
I live in an old home in the historic U Street area, and need to replace several (er, most) of my windows.  The city historic office has strict requirements. The vendors they suggest are very high-end, custom makers.  Meanwhile, I see developers in the neighborhood restoring buildings and using Jeld-Wen, Marvin and other more standard products.  Can anyone recommend a contractor who has worked on historic homes and uses products from standard window suppliers?  I don’t have $20K per window to spend on hand-lathed rosewood et cetera. Thanks in advance for any help.

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I bought over 20 Jeld-wen windows from Smoot lumber. The windows were a good price compared to the other historicly compliant options HPRB would approve. I Worked with Paul Bauer there – he was great, got all of the custom sizes perfectly, and actually checked in several times on-site during the installation.  

EGG Construction did the installation; they had to completely reframe the openings, replace a few headers and replace all of the window sills as well. Great job all around. Their price was the best I found, although this was back in 2010. Will Greco is the GC there, and was always really responsive and transparent in his pricing.

Still happy with everything over two years later. 

We got Champion to do our new replacement windows. I think they’re in your area too. They did a pretty good job at our house, so I’d recommend calling their guys over for a free in-home consultation. There’s also the Quality Window and Door Company and I’ve heard they’re good too, so you might want to find out from them too.

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