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Auto August 3, 2012 at 1:18 pm

Repeated flat tires near 19th & Park

Have any other motorists on the forum experienced this?  It’s happened to me three times this year. Each time, a sheet metal screw punctures the tread, resulting in a slow leak. Not looking for speculations into what I may have done to bring this upon myself (including car ownership karma).  Just interested in any possible “me too”s at this point.  Many thanks.

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It wasn’t clear in my description: 19th/Park is the general area where I park — as opposed to drive-by tire-piercing.

Why do you think it’s happening around where you park, as opposed to somewhere along a common route that you travel?  It makes more sense that it would happen when driving past a construction site (unless you notice sheet metal screws around where you park).

Hi Kelly,
It’s a bit of a puzzle.  Sheet metal work is something I tend to think happens once a building is roughed out, and things like ductwork are usually happening inside. That doesn’t rule out the possiblity of a box of screws falling off a truck — except that over a fairly short time I’d think they’d all find their way to the gutter.  To further belabor it, gravity dictates that a screw will lie on its side, making bullseye punctures like mine less likely.  Also, it’s the same tire every time — left rear, on the outer part of the tread — street-facing when I’m parked. There’s always more debris on the curb side.  But no, I can be certain it’s happening where I park.  I figured if another neighbor shared this experience, it might point to random vandalism within a contained area.  So, I’m hoping you’re right and I’m not being targeted.   
Now that I’m an old hand at it, I can recommend a good repair person — the mechanic at the Shell at Ellicott and Wisconsin.  I drive on the spare to his station, and he fixes the puncture while I wait. 20 bucks.

*can’t* be certain, that is.

Three times in 7 months, always same tire, same location…that’s not coincidence.  Did you piss off a neighbor last year?

There is also a shop at 5th and Florida NE. It cost me about $18, and they are 24 hours.

The guys at the bottom of Mt. Pleasant Street (west side, around Hobart/Irving or so) are also very nice and cheap.  My wife got a flat and is not at all a car person, and they were absolutely lovely in helping her out.

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