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Home and Garden July 11, 2012 at 2:30 pm

Renting Out Rooms Question

I have a 3 bedroom row house with a 1 bedroom basement in-law suite. If I wanted to rent out the basement and 2 of the rooms…and live there myself, do I need to register with DCGov to make it legal and/or do I just write up a lease and say I have roommates?

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Let us know when you list the bedrooms for rent!!

I think if you’re owner-occupied and everyone is sharing everything, then you’re fine (check with the DCRA website/lawyers). Although, you are likely to be required to get a business license and declare the income on your taxes. Again, talk to a lawyer/accountant/local drunk to get the real rundown. 

i do the same. if everything is shared then you do not need a coo. you dont even need to apply BBL because when you claim your income the BBL will be automatically creaded for you for a 100 dollar fee. at least that is how it worked for me last year. 

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