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Real Estate March 25, 2014 at 9:01 am

Rental housing for this fall

Anyone have leads on rental housing in DC for the fall? A friend’s son will be starting a Ph.D in history at GW and needs a place to live. He is pretty open to various options – apartment building, basement, house share, roommate, etc. He isn’t bringing a car, so being near transit or with easy biking would be good. His budget is about $800. I realize most folks are looking for summer housing now, but he will be moving from Rochester, NY and wanted to get a jump on the search. Thanks

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For $800/month, he’s unlikely to find anything other than a house-share or apartment-share. Even that may be pushing it — a lot of rooms in houseshares are going for $900 and more.

Agreed. He’s looking at a roommate situation in the burbs or areas of the city that are further from transit. Craigslist is his best shot, or going through the school to see if anyone has any leads/is looking for a place as well. He may luck out and find something in Petworth, Brookland, and Hill East, but he’ll have to hustle to snag those. Brightwood/16th Street Heights/Silver Spring might be good options for him – relatively close to downtown, lots of bus (possibly rail) options.

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