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General Discussion June 18, 2013 at 12:28 pm

Rent Breakdown for a 1BR with a Den

Hi all –

I was wondering if anyone has recommendations for a rent breakdown for a 1BR apartment with a den. The master is 13×13 feet (with a closet), and the den is 8×10 feet (closets are available outside of room, but den has windows on 3 sides and a door).

Any help is appreciated!

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What neighborhood/street is it on?

Cleveland Park – on Connecticut

Cool. Posting tomorrow at 2:15pm!

Very dependent on the apartment’s amenities as well. Does it have central A/C? Washer and dryer? Parking spot? Is it a basement or street level unit? Is the unit updated? All these variable can swing the price many hundreds per month. Check what CP units like yours are listing for on craigslist to get some idea.

I was wondering more in terms of what % of rent each resident would pay.

So your actual question is “Two people are sharing this apt. The rent is x. How much should each pay?”

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