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Home and Garden November 25, 2014 at 6:35 pm

Removing Radiators for donation

So I recently made the decision to remove my radiator heat system and replace it by adding a gas furnace to my pending central air install. I was wondering if somebody could recommend a contractor to pull the entire system (radiators, pipes, boiler) from my two story house and cart it down to Community Forklift or a similar organization. Also, any general advice from somebody who has had this done would be helpful as well. Thanks!

And just to be clear I do prefer radiant heat to forced air. My radiant system would need extensive work to be functional and efficient. The whole system would need to be repiped, I would need to add a radiator to the kitchen extension and the boiler takes up a 4×3 room in my living space. Instead of spending many thousands of dollars to redo the entire system I’m cutting my losses and installing central ac/gas heat from a rooftop system.

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A couple of questions about this”

1. you say 2 floors does that mean a main floor and upstairs with the boiler in the basement? Or instead a main floor with boiler and an upstairs?

2. Is the system leaking currently?

3. Do you know how many of the pipes run across the ceiling and not just straight vertically?

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