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Home and Garden January 4, 2012 at 10:55 am

removing a fake mantle from a brick wall

I have a standard (fake) fireplace mantle on my standard rowhouse brick wall. As the mantle takes up precious wall space in a small room (and is basically for decoration only), I’d like to remove the mantle. Does anyone know how to remove a mantle off a brick wall, ideally in once piece? I’ve seen mantles for sale, so it must be possible – but I just can’t figure out how it detaches from the wall. Can any contractor with a toolkit do this? Does anyone have any recommendations on who can/how to do this? Thanks!

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Try lifting the mantle up (with a partner). We removed our mantle years ago to have it refinished. After hours of trying to pry the thing off the wall (and nearly destroying it), we accidentally discovered it was attached simply by hanging from hooks on each side. With a partner on each side, we simply lifted it straight off. This was a no longer working coal fireplace, not a purely decorative mantle, so it might be different. But, worth a try, I think. 

i agree with ebgb. if the mantle is wood and original to the house,  its usally cleated on or attached to hooks. lifting straight up from both sides should remove it. you may need to run a razor blade around the edges if case it was ever caulked or painted.

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