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Relocating to SF from DC

Looking for advice from our PoPville west coast transplants!
After 6 lovely years in DC, I am relocating to San Francisco for a new job. This new gig will be near Union Square in downtown SF. Anyone out there in PoPville familiar with any of the SF neighborhoods? I currently live in the U Street / Dupont / Logan Circle area, and wanting to find something with a similar charming setting, vibe, and ease of walking! (Hopefully with some trees, SF is seriously lacking trees along much of thier streetscapes!). Any insight would be helpful! Thanks!

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I am a northern VA native who spent 4 1/2 years working in SF before coming back to DC 2 years ago. this site has a pretty accurate quick glance at the different neighborhoods. But based on where you live in DC, and where you will be working in SF, I’d suggest Russian Hill, Filmore/J-Town, or Hayes Valley. russian hill has a good number of east coast transplants (thats where I lived, and i also worked near union square, very easy 20 minute bus ride to work) and I really liked that neighborhood. filmore/J-town and hayes valley are also very nice. the marina has a good number of LA and NYC transplants, with their usual style of partying/douchbaggery. which, for full disclosure, i did sometimes partake in. the tenderloin is very rough, dont suggest you live there. lotsa drugs and prostitution, and drunk/high guys peeing on the street. from between cars. into the street. the mission is super hipster allstars, but still a pretty neat spot.The richmond and sunset would be a fairly long 30-40 minute bus/train commute.
i loved SF, make the most of your time out there, and enjoy all there is to do and see.
also, if you are a skins fan, there is a great skins bar on Bay at Stockton called the Red Jack Saloon. was a great way to tie me back to the area. and to start drinking at 10am on sundays.

I’m from SF. I don’t know what the rental market is like at all, but I would look for something in Hayes Valley or the Castro (or possibly Noe Valley, depending on the proximity of the place you find to 24th Street). Additionally, anything near Dolores Park would be nice: walking distance to the Mission (technically it IS the Mission, but I mean the heart of the Mission) and the Castro, not too far from downtown either.
Someone sent me a link to this cute set of ‘postcards’ last week – it might help you to get a quick lowdown on the stereotypes of different neighborhoods – it’s surprisingly largely accurate!

I went to Berkeley (graduated in 08 so not too long ago), and had/have lots of friends that love in SF now. I always loved both Russian Hill and Nob HIll areas as both were nicer neighborhoody areas with cute little restaurants and shops. I also really liked the Marina district area which is more of a younger crowd if thats what your looking for. The Marina area is really awesome because you are close to a dog friendly beach area that has this really nice long paved path for biking, roller blading (you’d e surprised how many people roller blade out there!), or running and I belive it takes you all the way under the Golden gate bridge. The Castro is cool, but a little far away from the downtown area and from what I remember, the Mission area was a liiiiiittle sketchy. My top pics are defntiely Russian Hill, Nob Hill, or Marina District! Best of luck and good luck with the hills! Your calves are going to be sore!

My friend is in the Mission and I loved it. I don’t think it counts as sketchy anymore.

Lucky! I lived there for four years and still go back all of the time. I second Hayes Valley and the Mission, particularly the western parts near Dolores Park. The Mission isn’t sketchy (with the exception of around 16th and Mission) but it is pretty dirty and smells like pee, the western section slightly less so. Duboce Park (between the Lower Haight and the Church Street/Castro area) is really nice, and close to a lot of fun areas and transportation options. There are a bunch of cool new businesses going in on Divisadero Street, just west of Alamo Square. While you wouldn’t want to live on Divis (it’s a busy street), the neighborhood is getting better quickly. I lived in the Inner Richmond, it’s a bit quieter (and foggier) but it’s next to one of the (real) Chinatowns in the city. The Marina and Cow Hollow are beautiful, but I wouldn’t recommend living there if you are looking for a place similar to your current neighborhoods, unless you enjoy hanging out in Clarendon. 
Also, if you’re moving there in the summer, believe people who tell you that it’s incredibly cold in the summertime. I regularly wear winter coats in SF in July and August. 

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