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Home and Garden December 11, 2012 at 11:26 am

Recycling at Ft. Totten Transfer?

I have a bunch of cardboard that’s been accumulating–at this point, it’s too much to bring out for weekly collection–I’d like to just put it all in a truck and take it over to the Ft. Totten transfer station. But I can’t figure out from their website (or previous visits to the dump) if there is a place to drop recyclables–I know they do electronic recycling once a month, this is just a large amount of regular recycling. Anyone know? Thanks.

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From the Ft. Totten Transfer Station Rules of Use posted on the website:
“Acceptable materials include trash, bulk items, recyclables and yard waste only.”


For what it’s worth, we often put out large amounts of cardboard and the trash guys always take it, as long as it’s broken down. We just stack it vertically between the trash and recycling cans — one time it was ~40 boxes.  Where we live, people sometimes take it too if it’s clean and broken down.

Basically you roll up in your vehicle, they ask you what you’re dropping off, and then tell you where to drop it. It’s not one big dump – there are areas for metal, for general trash, etc etc.

Definitely go to Ft Totten Transfer Station. It’ll be the most efficient DC-goverment-run activity you’ll ever see!

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