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Recruiting Firms / Career Assistance??

Looking for a good recruiting firm to help with my job search for a Project Manager role (or other professional roles).  Does anyone know of any firms who are good?   Have been trying the online posting route, and after many months no luck!!  I’m new in town and am trying to find my “in”…it’s tough out there!!!

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I think you need to be more specific. A PM role in what field? Engineering, Real Estate, Construction, Landscaping?

Simply saying PM is way too generic. What field do you want to work in?


None of the headhunters I’ve come across are good, and I come across them every day. I am a highly skilled IT guy who just landed a direct hire. Not a single one if the DC headhunters are good, they also work based on scraping money off the top of your slary/pay rate, so it can often shoot you in the leg in getting paid according to what you’re worth, and most of them only have short-term jobs that really won’t help you. I think a big part of the bad job economy has been the infiltration of headhunters who only focus on highly skilled people. They’ve turned the job industry into a temp work meat market that allows companies to drop employees easily by indirect hiring tactics… Don’t support them, go to employer sites directly and submit your resume, work hard on improving your work and communication skills, negotiate a good salary or rate without a headhunter. Profit. Thank me later. It’s the best way.

I work for a staffing firm in Farragut Sq. ( I would say your best bet is to sign up with multiple firms in addition to applying to employer sites directly. Firms will sometimes have access to organizations that you can’t get into without a connection. It is important to know that staffing firms/headhunters work for the client, so unless we have an open job req that matches your skill set, we won’t have a job waiting for you. We do keep resumes in our files and will reach out down the road if something comes across our desks that you could be a fit for… Also, several organizations prefer a Temp-to-Hire model and will come to us rather than going to job boards since we’ve already vetted our candidates.  

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