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Other June 5, 2012 at 12:49 pm

Recommendations for Woman’s Razor Haircut?

I have a short hair style that I really like. It’s a razor cut and a little on the edgy side (but not a lot). Since moving here, I haven’t had much luck finding someone who can get it right. A lot of stylists don’t seem to do razor cuts, and those who have tried haven’t gotten it right (even with pictures taken by my old stylist the last time he cut it). I’m also looking for a stylist that’s reasonably priced, as with short hair, it needs to be cut relatively frequently. If it wasn’t a 7-hour drive, I would seriously consider going back to my old stylist every time 🙂 

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I’m not sure what reasonably priced means to you, but I highly recommend Amy Putens at Urban Style Lab (Dupont).  She gave me the first short haircut I ever liked.  Kind of edgy, razored, but still sexy and feminine. I can’t speak for Urban Style Lab itself as I used to go to her at her old salon, but she is awesome.

Roi at Salon Roi on Connecticut and Calvert. That man knows how to wield scissors and razors and will not disappoint. However, since he’s an icon, you’ll pay probably more than you’re used to but let me tell you – well worth it. Don’t try your luck with any of the other stylists – they don’t have the experience that Roi has.

Goodness, I went through the process of registering to leave this comment. That is how much I like Felicya, She works out of a salon in Arlington and I have been going to her for years. When I found her she listed razor haircuts as her specialty. Try her out!
As a bonus, the scalp massage you get during the shampoo is heavenly.


I like the guys at the Department of Energy Barbershop. Their hours are limited, but they are super nice, cheap enough to go to every 2 or 3 weeks, will do anything you show them a picture of, and are great with a razor.

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