Recommendations for High Velocity or Mini-Splits HVAC installation?

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Topic: Recommendations for High Velocity or Mini-Splits HVAC installation?

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Recommendations for High Velocity or Mini-Splits HVAC installation?


We are looking to install either a high velocity HVAC or ductless multi split HVAC in our 1926 bungalow. I’ve received conflicting information that my attic may/may not have enough space to handle Spacepak/Unico installation and need to look at multi-splits

I understand that a multi-split option may include installing wall mounted units.
Would like to hear your thoughts/experience on either option. Also would like to get information from folks regarding their experience with the following HVAC companies: Sila, UNEEDA, Polar Bear

Thank You!

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I just installed a minisplit option through AMS. Moshe works in a no frills style, but he does good work on time and will always talk to you in-person when making decisions. He did not recommend installing a spacepak system because he does not like the way they perform over time. The minisplit wall mounts are not attractive, but they are almost silent and work very well thus far. They do not repair drywall damage, but that seems to be fairly common.

I got an estimate from Wheaton and Sons for a spacepak and it was 13k more than the minisplit system. They were not responsive when I had questions and seemed to not really care whetherI hired them. I have no idea why they even wasted the time to give an estimate. The lesson I learned in this was only hire a company that is small enough for the owner to write estimates and be on site for construction.

A have a unico system in my house. 3 yrs now.
Fit into a tight attic space with the unit on the roof.

Ameritec Services, Ivan Mendoza
Pretty sure they layout/install mini-splits too.

Thank you all for sharing your experiences.

Hello CCDCresident, I would suggest you to seek advice from a HVAC service New Jersey technician for installation of High Velocity or Mini-Splits HVAC. The technician will guide according to your requirement.

I have had excellent luck with Steve Varvounis (240-671-9745) with my Columbia Heights Row home. We renovated our basement apartment into a 1 bedroom apartment and needed a way of heating and cooling. Steve came over, recommended a 2-zone mitsubishi mini split system, and gave us an extremely reasonable estimate for the work. We decided to go with him because of his clear knowledge in the area plus his candor. He completed the work quickly on-schedule and under budget. I would not hesitate to recommend him for any HVAC needs you might have!

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