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Home and Garden July 20, 2012 at 11:52 am

Recommendations for Basement Flooring

My husband and I just bought a new home in which the basement had been re-finished with laminate wood flooring. Due to the storms this week, water got into the basement and the floors are totally ruined. We need to replace them, and are looking for suggestions for someone who does ceramic tiling. Anyone know of someone good? Thanks.  

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I have replaced carpet 3 times. I settled on leveled & polished concrete and ceramic tile. I would not recommend anything else because there are always at least 2 rains per year that will flood DC basements everywhere. All it takes is a storm drain backup on your street. It makes sense to isolate everything important from the floor and to use a durable/solid floor finish. If you use an oriental rug etc. it can always be cleaned, but wood and carpet are generally no-nos for basement apts.

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