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Recommendations: Areas to stay away from

Hi all,
I hope you can help me get to know the area. I am not familiar with Petworth but I am looking to move there with my husband and baby! We like the location, home prices and that there seem to be lots of young families like us.
I was hoping I could get guidance/recommendations of areas in the neighborhood we should stay away from during our search. I have heard that it is a block by block deal. We have walked around and are starting to get a feel for it but it would be great if people that live there can give us an idea. If looking for a quiet and safe street, what blocks should we avoid?

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I’d recommend joining the Petworth Yahoogroup at and the 4th Police District (MP4D) Yahoogroup at  Looking through past posts (especially with the Petworth group) should give you a sense of places that are known to have gang activity.  If you post a query there, list members might be able to point out specific blocks with problem houses.
(I don’t actually live in Petworth, but am close enough to it that I joined the Yahoogroup.)

Check out the Brookland neighborhood in NE D.C., near Catholic University and on the Metro’s red line. My family and I have lived here since 2005. We love it. Do a search for “Brookland” on PoP and you’ll find other opinions and info about our quiet, residential, green, and affordbale community.


Agreed that certain blocks are better than others.  Check out the above mentioned listservs and the MPD website for the 4th District.  I think everyone would advise to walk around the area to get a feel for the street, at different times of the day/night.  There are definite problem areas, such as Crittenden, 300 block of Delafield, and near corner stores.  Look at the amount of litter also gives an idea of the block.  Look for folks out walking their dogs/kids.  Hope this helps a little.

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