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Other January 10, 2013 at 9:20 pm

Recommendation for veterinarian?

Hello – my husband and I are looking for a recommendation for a new vet. We currently go to Takoma Park Animal Clinic, but I feel like every time we walk in there we come out wonder why they cost so much. 
Does anyone have a good recommendation for a vet that they think is reasonably priced?

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Atlas Vet is great!

I love Dupont Vet. However, I picked it mostly because it’s the most conveinent to my house. The prices aren’t bad though. 

Yes – check the previous thread.  I’ve been happy with Dupont for my dog, though recently got some new rescue kittens and took them to Banfield (in PetSmart) in Bethesda because Dupont couldn’t see them in time.  (Acute general ick and gross eyeball inflamation)  Everyone at Banfield was great – very thorough – and about half the cost of Dupont.

Stay away from CityPaws on 14th Street. They are terribly expensive and will do whatever they can to make your bill as HIGH as possible. Dupont has been around longer and is more reasonably priced.

I would just check the previous thread for information but wanted to weigh in here to respond to the comment about City Paws. I don’t think they are any more expensive than other vets in the area and actually have had the opposite experience: they discuss what is necessary and what is not, and I have never felt that they are actively trying to increase my bill. I have only had very positive experiences there with everyone, and they are wonderfully patient with my very shy and nervous dog.


In my opinion Austin veterinarian is the most trusted health care provider to pets and also provides each type of medical health cares like diagnosis with wide range of ailments. A Austin veterinarian at is providing a complete preventive care as well as 24 hrs emergency care, for your pets.

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