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Travel and Transportation October 25, 2012 at 10:52 am

Recommendation for Homeowner’s Insurance

Anyone have someone they love for homeowner’s insurance? I have USAA and am really unhappy with them, and looking to make a switch. 

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I’ve been very happy with Traveler’s. They reimbursed everything (minus a small deductible) when I had a break-in and were efficient and kind in all communications.


I’ve had a great experience with the insurance agents at Lockhart’s insurance on Georgia Ave.  Fortunately, I’ve never actually had to use my policy.  I believe they deal mostly (if not entirely) with Erie Insurance.

Ive never had to use it, thank god, but we got a ridiculously low rate from Nationwide, who was less than half of most other companies. Bizarrely enough, their car insurance rates were double everyone elses, so we didn’t bundle, and continue to use USAA for the car.

Erie Insurance.  Had an awful experience with Nationwide growing up that nearly bankrupted my parents.  Erie’s fairly new to this area from what my agent said, but are well known and my family has used them on many properties for 10-15 years, and have always had good experiences when dealing with them.  And, as an aside, they do offer sinkhole plans, though I don’t think you’ll need one.

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