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Recommendation for built-in bookshelves?

Does anyone have a recommendation for a carpenter or cabinet maker who does good built-in bookshelves?  we have a great nook next to our fireplace that is begging for bookshelves and a cabinet for the TV.  It’s a very straightforward build (by someone with the right tools, etc) – we’re not looking for anything complex or ornate.  Does anyone have any experience hiring someone for this kind of project in their homes?  Thanks!

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We looked into it and had a couple of different people tell us they couldn’t do it at a reasonable price – since we knew them and they were talking themselves out of a job, we believed it.  We ended up going with a system from and were happy with it – it’s pretty customizable and the shelves have low visual impact (we didn’t want a hulking IKEAesque mass of particleboard).

We used Built in Style.  They are awesome and do great work.  They actually built in custom closets that changed our life with the storage we got, but they do everything.

I’ll second issdesigns. It’s fairly easy to set up, and you can change it easily over time. So if in a couple years, you get a new, bigger TV, or whatever, it’s easy to chance. It’s kinda like elfa, but looks much better. You can get shelves that install onto rails on the wall, or the kind that hang on tension rods that go from floor to ceiling.
They have a lot of options as far as finishes/colors. One tip: to save money, you can go to Home Depot, get some 12″x1″ wood shelves, and stain or paint them to you liking. I did that, but in a perfect world, I’d find a seller of reclaimed wood, and put some really rustic looking shelves in there…

I used Philippe Mougne ([email protected]) for a different wood-working project and he did a nice job and was reasonably priced.  I found him through an Ad in the NW Current.  He had some pictures of a built in project he did and it looked nice.  Worth emailing him for an estimate.

I recommend Peter Simon ([email protected]). He is a fantastic carpenter in the area (so fantastic that he is very slow), but he does high quality work for a good price. He typically charges by the hour, but you can negiotiate into a fix price, which I recommend doing.

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