Recommendation for blowing insulation between condos?

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Recommendation for blowing insulation between condos?

I just moved into a new condo and, although I don’t think my upstairs neighbors are doing anything out of the ordinary, it is INCREDIBLY loud when they walk around, move chairs, etc upstairs.  I want to look into having a contractor blow insulation between their floor/my ceiling to try to lessen the noise.  Has anyone done this before?  Do you have recommendations for someone who can do this?  And about how much did it cost?  Thanks!

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I’m not sure blown-in insulation will be that effective.  You may want to look into sound-isolation clips like these: and quietrock:

Thanks!  Do you recommend a contractor who knows how to install them?

I sound insulated my bedroom in a row house condo.  There was virtually no insulation to start with. I didn’t find anyone who was particularly knowledgeable about sound insulation – and the job was small – so I did a lot of research on my own and then found a contractor willing to do such a small job and work with me to sort through the complexity of the job.  We basically made up our own solution. His name is Josh Burch.  This was years ago so I’m not sure if he’s still a contractor.  
For another job, folks in my building hired a company called Comfort Insulation to blow insulation in walls but it was for heat insulation, not sound.  It works OK.  The inslation has a tendency of settling.
You may need to get creative…..

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