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Home and Garden March 12, 2012 at 10:39 am

Recommendation for a bricklayer?

Having discovered that a previous owner’s method of fixing crumbling bricks was just to remove them and cover the hole with plywood, I’m in need of a recommendation for someone to rebrick a portion of my rowhouse.  It’s not a very big job, but I’d like to find someone knowledgable enough to tell me if there’s a bigger problem than just the missing bricks.
Any suggestions out there? 

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We used Manuel Palmeiro for internal and exteranl brick work. He and his team were great, knowledgeable and very reasonable. 240-593-2606 ([email protected])


Edgar’s Masonry Construction.  We employed his team last summer to repoint our house, which had plenty of home-grown fixes like the ones you describe.  Edgar was professional, earned our business with the most-competive (yet realistic) quote, and stuck to every deadline he told us (with one exception where weather didnt permit, but once the weather broke, his revised time estimate was dead on, if not early).  Highly recommend looking him up.

Call Oscar Roberto Lehue @ 202 705 2020. He’s very good and reasonable, very clever and creative, and does also eletrical, HVAC, plumbling, sheetrock and finishings.

We also used Edgar, and then our neighbor hired him after he saw the results.  His crews do great work.  Do your homework on this one…. hire someone who has lots of references for old brick houses.

I also second or third Edgar.  Your situation sounds structurally serious and he has highly skilled bricklayers who masterfully rebuilt our falling arches and entire sections of our house.  While he won’t be the cheapest quote, he’s still very reasonable and totally worth every penny- super professional and thorough.

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