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Home and Garden May 14, 2012 at 2:39 pm

Recommend a good, reasonable contractor?

Hi Pops,
I’m interested in turning my legal basement space into a 1 bedroom apartment.  The contractor I was initially working with wanted WAY too much for what is a very easy job.  Can anyone recommend a good “reasonable” contractor?

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We had SilkRock do a bathroom addition for us, and their work was excellent. The contract was clear, wilth milestones delivered on time, and they improved every area of the house their worked touched. I think their end of the job cost $25k, and I got other estimates of $14k, $35k, and $45k. So cheaper contractors are out there, but their craftsmanship and attention to materials are excellent. I’ve renovated my own kitchen, electrical, plumbing, etc., and I definitely learned things from watching them work.
Call 301. 920. 1641 and tell them their friend from Petworth sent you. They also have a website you can google (with an “it” domain name).

Matt Shannon-Browne,
He will explain, though, that many contractors lowball the estimate so it appears reasonable, but what you end up paying is far different as they encounter unexpected problems or challenges (read:  $$) along the way.  He was not the cheapest estimate for us, but now that our reno is done I have no doubt that the contractors who gave us lower estimates were lowballing us to get the job.  He did a fine job turning our basement into a 1BR 6 months ago, we were able to get a decent rent for it, our tenants love it and we’ve had no problems whatsoever.  He runs a tight ship, is on-site and thorough, and has a great team working for him.

Thanks everyone!  I’m looking into both your suggestions.

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