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Business February 27, 2012 at 9:31 am

Reccomendations for Fence Company


I am looking to replace both sides of the chain link fence in my backyard with a wood privacy fence. I have about 176′ of fencing in total I need replaced with something like the photo attached. Anyone have a reccomendation for a reasonably priced company or individual to do this work? I would be open to having someone instal the pre-made panels, or building from scratch, just dont want to spend a fortune if possible.

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I recently replaced the rear section of my fence using My fence is wooden, but on a steel frame. Not sure if they do wood-only fences as well but they did great work.

David Eckstrom recently fixed my falling fence. He salvaged some and replaced the rest. He did a great job and pretty cheap. He’s a nice hippy guy that isn’t out to screw anyone and does a good job. I don’t remember the name of his company but his number is below.
David Eckstrom

We had our back fence done by Mr. Smith:
He was great, quick, and not too expensive.  Also, I really respect that he introduced himself as Mr. Smith.  It just sounded classy.

After my old fence blew down in Hurricane Irene, I shopped around and selected Hercules Fence to replace it. They’re a DC-NOVA-MD-area firm.
They hauled away the old fence and build a new, 7 ‘ 9″ fence out of pressure treated wood, with black-capped posts in a concrete base, and a rear cedar gate. My new fence looks similar to the one in the picture you posted in your question.
I was very satisfied with them. It took them about two days from start to finish, including stopping for a rain delay at one point. I paid about $3,350 for the 110′ length of fence they built, including the cost of the haul away of the old fence.
I shopped around and Hercules was the best value I could find, in terms of both price and quality; but whether you use them or someone else, make sure the price you pay includes haul away of your old fence.

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