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Reasonable air conditioning prices?

We are on the market for to replace our airconditioning (not heat, ac only) system — basically the outdoor unit, the indoor handler, installation, etc.  The first Good – Best quote came in with a price range of $8,000 to $11,000.  House is semi-detached, only about 1800 square feet with 9 feet ceilings.  I think they’re quoting a 3 ton unit.  Does anyone have recommendations for someone who is more reasonable?  Is this price reasonable?  I was expecting to pay between $6-$8K.  Thanks for any guidance!!

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We used Millenium HVAC to replace our heat and AC system–outdoor unit (2.5 ton AC), indoor handler, installation plus some work to the interior return vent system and it was $8100.  We have a 2 story row house with tall ceilings. Their number is 301.674.7688.

I was very happy with Argent Heating & Cooling – call Ron Gallant – 703-398-7006 or 703-281-6300.  They just installed a new gas furnace & did extensive duct re-routing for a 3 story row house for $3,900.00 I didn’t need the AC done, but that would have been another couple of thousand. 
I also have a proposal for a whole new system for a rental apt. – heat pump & all AC plus a crane to haul it to the roof –  for $4,900.00.
I had another quote around that price point, but Ron took exceptional care to explain everything, offer various options and I never felt the “hard sell” of some other companies.

Your answer is $2,000 per ton of cooling you are having installed.

This is simply the cost going rate cost in DC for materials and labor to replace your central air, no duct work or ancillary work included.

And you should always be getting 3 bids. If you don’t really know what you are doing, get the first, then use their scope of work to bid the other two. That way you get 3 apples to apples comparisons.

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