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General Discussion June 4, 2015 at 5:21 pm

re advice re newbie medical marijuana user

I’m a new user of a medical marijuana pharmacy in DC (chronic pain). I had never used marijuana before. After seeing a physician you are required to chose one of three medical marijuana pharmacies in DC. You are required to only use that pharmacy. What I’m finding is that the pharmacy I chose is often out of the product(s) I use. I’m hearing this from others users of this pharmacy as well. And I don’t know how I find out if these other two pharmacies have and keep in stock the product that helps my pain. Are there others out there using one of the pharmacies and if you don’t mind mentioning which one that would be helpful and your experience w/ availability of products. It sounds like some of the pharmacies have their own growers while one of them does not. It would be good for patients to know this prior to having to sign up for one pharmacy. Also, is there a forum where this type of information is shared and can you share it with us. I keep thinking about switching pharmacies but I would first want to be assured that they have and will keep the product I need in stock. It sounds as though you can’t even get inside the other pharmacies to ask a question if not assigned there. I’ve been reading that there is a shortage in DC but is it with all three pharmacies or just the one that does not have an affiliation w/ a grower. There needs to be more transparency so that clients can make an intelligent decision prior to signing up. I could use advice. The product is the first in eight years that has helped my severe chronic pain. Thanks for any help you can provide. Hope this email makes some sense.


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